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Filter cartridge - air dust filter cartridge for cartridge deduster

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Filter cartridge - air dust filter cartridge for cartridge deduster

brief introduction
Generally, the filter cartridge we refer to is mostly used to filter gas, which is called air filter cartridge (hereinafter referred to as filter cartridge).
350 * 660mm polyester fiber filter cartridge picture
The filter cartridge belongs to the surface filter element, which uses the micro permeable structure formed on the surface of the filter material to block the granular material in the gas.
The common filter materials of the filter cartridge are wood pulp fiber filter paper, spunbond polyester fiber non-woven fabric, in which the polyester non-woven fabric can be coated, oil and water-proof, anti-static treatment.
Generally, the filter cartridge size refers to the samples from foreign countries. The common specifications are 12.75 '' in diameter, 13.84 '' in height and 26 '' in height. The metric system is 325 * 660mm and 350 * 660mm.
Installation mode
The installation method of filter drum is divided into vertical hoisting, oblique installation according to specific angle, flange installation, etc.
Dedusting method
The commonly used automatic cleaning methods of filter cartridge include high pressure gas pulse back blowing and mechanical vibration. Pulse back blowing is to use the preset parameters of the controller to give a signal to the solenoid valve. The diaphragm of the solenoid valve is opened and closed in an instant to make the high-pressure gas enter the blowing pipe. The dust on the surface of the filter drum is shaken off by the rapid expansion force of the gas. Generally, the gas pressure is set at about 6kg. Mechanical vibration dust removal is commonly used in small single filter cartridge dust remover. It uses the buffeting power generated by the eccentric device on the flower plate of the dust remover to remove dust. This action needs to be operated after shutdown.
The design wind speed of the filter cartridge is a key parameter, which is related to the operation effect of the whole precipitator. Generally, we suggest that the design wind speed of the filter paper containing wood pulp fiber should not exceed 0.6 m / min, and the recommended design wind speed of the polyester non-woven fabric is 1 m / min. of course, we need to consider the filter dust characteristics in detail.
To solve different types of dust, there are gas turbine filter cartridge, industrial powder media filter cartridge, special filter cartridge of sand suction machine, flame-retardant filter cartridge, elliptical filter cartridge, slender type instead of bag filter cartridge, which are widely used in various industrial environments
National standard: 2002 mechanical industry standard of the people's Republic of China, JB / t10341-2002 national standard for cartridge filter
Comparison between cartridge filter and bag filter
1. The filtering area increases by 3-5 times, and the filtering wind speed decreases greatly
2. The dust removal rate is increased to 99.99%.
3. Short length of filter cartridge, large redundant space, favorable for dust settling
4. The service life of the filter cartridge is extended.
5. Venturi and cage are all exempted.
6. The filter elements are short and few, easy to install (top mounted), easy to repair and replace.

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