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Introduction of inclined cartridge filter

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Introduction of inclined cartridge filter

Introduction of inclined cartridge filter:
The inclined plug filter cartridge dust remover is a kind of high efficiency, economic and practical dust recovery, purification and treatment device; it is an environmental protection equipment widely used in powder industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hardware processing industry, mold industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, rubber industry, mining industry and other industries for dust recovery and purification. The installation of this equipment can improve the work efficiency As the environment, the emission of dust meets the relevant national laws and regulations. It is a very efficient traditional treatment process in air purification, suitable for various industries.
Structure of inclined cartridge filter:
The side draw series consists of the following components:
◆ main parts include: filter room, ash collection room, fan, chimney, PLC control system
◆ other auxiliary systems: imported pulse valve, air receiver, unloading system, dust collection box, filter material, differential pressure gauge, etc;
Features of inclined cartridge filter:
◆ high purification efficiency - the original imported or domestic assembled filter cartridge can ensure 99.99% filtration efficiency for submicron particles.
◆ small floor area - the perfect combination of high-efficiency filter cartridge and underflow precipitator greatly reduces the volume and floor area of the precipitator.
◆ low operation cost - low operation resistance, extremely low energy consumption and operation cost. Generally, the initial resistance is 25 mm water column, and the normal operation resistance is 50-75 mm water column.
◆ scientific design: the horizontal filter design makes the maintenance and replacement of the filter easier, faster, safer and greatly reduces the downtime. The unique design principle of sinking flow is adopted, and the gravity and top-down air flow pattern are used to avoid the secondary pollution of filter materials by dust.
◆ simple and convenient operation: advanced automatic compressed air pulse ash cleaning method is adopted to prolong the service life of the filter cartridge and ensure the continuous low resistance operation of the dust remover.
◆ great flexibility - the equipment can be designed as explosion-proof or non explosion-proof according to the actual situation or customer requirements.
Principle of inclined cartridge filter:
Principle description: the filter cartridge of the side suction type dust collector is horizontally inserted and installed, and the air inlet is generally set at the top of the equipment. The dust containing gas enters the filter chamber of the dust collector from the inlet of the dust collector, and the heavier dust falls to the funnel due to the slow wind speed; the lighter dust is filtered with the gas through the filter cartridge and adheres to the surface of the filter cartridge; the clean air is discharged from the outside through the air outlet and the chimney of the windmill. Since the dust containing gas enters the dust remover from the upper part of the equipment, the direction of dust falling is the same as that of air flow, so the pressure loss of this type of dust remover is small. This type of dust removal equipment covers a small area and is widely used in powder feeding, packaging dust, welding dust, plastic dust and other working conditions.

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