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Properties and characteristics of dust filter cylinder

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Properties and characteristics of dust filter cylinder

Properties and characteristics of dust filter cylinder

Forst special filter cylinder is a star-shaped filter cylinder formed by folding clean filter material of a certain length into folds and gluing end to end.

Filter drum without cage bone, easy to install the variety of filter drum, there are thin and long and thick and short points;Slender filter cylinder (such as phi 160,L=1~2m), its fold (such as 45 fold) between the large gap included Angle, fold less and shallow, the filter area is 2~5 times larger than the same diameter and length of the filter bag, easy to clear ash and good effect;Applicable to the concentration of 15g/m dust filtration dust removal, filtration wind speed 0.6~1.2m/min short filter cylinder (such as serving 350,L=0.66m) diameter large length short fold (120~350 fold) and deep fold space is small, large filtration area, than the same diameter and long filter bag area is 14~35 times larger, suitable for site area small space small place layout;However, due to the small folding Angle, dust is easy to accumulate, and it is difficult to clear the ash, which is suitable for filtering dust removal with a concentration of 5g/m, and the filtering wind speed is not suitable for >, 0.6m/min.

Cartridge pulse dust catcher installation method has three types: vertical tilt installed horizontally cartridge vertically, pulse dust, dust Yi Qing settlement to ash hopper, effect is good when installation, filter cartridge piled up up and down, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, facilitate change cone, but ash removal, upper cartridge qing fall dust sinks down in the lower cartridge, difficult to remove horizontal installation, the lower the upper cartridge dust is more difficult to remove.


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