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Filter cylinder dust removal than the old advantages

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Filter cylinder dust removal than the old advantages

Filter cylinder dust removal to replace the old dust removal advantages


Filter cylinder dust removal is an efficient dry dust removal method with high efficiency and good effect. It has been widely popularized and applied in many industrial fields.Compared with the traditional way of dust removal, what are the obvious advantages of filter cylinder dust removal equipment?

The drum-type filter is the successor of the old filter, and its advantages are as follows:

1) the dust removal efficiency of the filter cylinder dust collector is much higher than that of the old dust collector, which greatly reduces the emission of harmful substances, and the air purification index reaches the world's advanced level, completely changing the backward state of the old dust collector that cannot meet the requirements.

2) filter cartridge type dust collector has no filter material wear phenomenon, its body has no moving parts, can be used for a long time without maintenance (even if the removal and replacement of filter cylinder is very convenient) to avoid the old filter filter constantly changing the trouble, save time and effort and no secondary pollution.

3) the volume and weight of the filter cylinder dust collector are much smaller than those of the same specifications, which can save civil space and civil load and significantly save capital investment.

4) small resistance, small compressed air consumption, no maintenance work.Compared with all kinds of old dust removers, the energy saving is more than 30%. No enterprise can ignore the remarkable economic benefits brought by this energy-saving effect.

Filter cylinder dust removal is also removed from the customer maintenance trouble, filter cylinder in the work and back blowing of the continuous exchange movement, there is no wear, which extends the service life of the equipment, and regularly dismantled to check without any professional tools, customers understand the use of equipment.


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