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  • MFS Self-Clean Air Filter Equipment
    Air power equipment draw-in dust-ladened air, resulting in equipment wear, dust inhalation in wind turbine blade surface scaling, cause the equipment of rotor dynamic balance unbalance accuracy decreased, so that the service life greatly reducing dust, harmful chemical components in will make the equipment rust, corrosion, and air power equipment must be equipped with high precision air filter.
    Forst-MSF self-cleaning air filter is similar products at home and abroad on the basis of improved, has reached the international leading level.
  • Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector System
    Horizontal cartridge dust collectors use gravity and downward airflow to achieve self-clean and reduce pressure across cartridge filters. They collector airborne contaminants from industrial processes varying from welding and metal working to chemical and pharmaceutical processing. They can be used in almost every manufacturing segment to efficiently control pollution levels. They are designed to work efficiently in small particle dusts and ideal for low dust loading applications.
  • Portable Dust Collector With Suction Arm
    Portable dust collectors are designed for infrequent to regular operations at work locations, where dry smoke and fumes are generated. The units are combined with cartridge filter system and extraction arms. Compact and portable structure effectively collectors the smoke, dust, and fumes from welding and grinding applications.
  • Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector
    Vertical cartridge collectors are designed for low airflow and heavy dust load applications. The filter cartridges are fastened on tube sheet by a special locking mechanism. The venturi on the top of tube sheet can improve pulse jet clean effects and reduce system pressure. The vertical mounted cartridges avoid possibility of dusts falling from upper filters to down filters, which allows for higher A/C ratio and longer filter life.
  • Pleated Bag Dust Collector System
    The baghouse with pleated bags provide a significant update than traditional pulse jet needle felt baghouses. The baghouses with pleated bags dramatically increase filter area and efficiency than needle felt bags while operate at much lower differential pressure. The filter media are pleated and molded into a one-piece filter element, no need for support of cages. Compared with traditional needle felt bags, the pleated bags increase filter area by 100~300%, which allow for much smaller dust collector size.
  • Polyester Air Filter Cartridge
    Spun bond media filter cartridge has very high filtration efficiencies on fine particulate, along with high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This media provides superior dust cake release properties compared to paper media. Spun bond media is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing, powder coating or fibrous materials such as wood or fiber glass.It can also be used for many other processes, nuisance dusts and pneumatic conveying applications.
  • Polyester+PTFE Air Filter Cartridge
    PTFE Filter Cartridge is a membrane-laminated polyester media. This media provides very high initial efficiency on sub-micron particles. With the addition of the film, almost all particles are immediately stopped by the filter (99.9% efficiency). PTFE membrane media provides the best dust cake release properties. PTFE is nearly chemically inert, a desirable property when dealing with reactive products.
  • Polyester+Anti Static Air Filter Cartridge
    Mainly used in the plasma laser cutting of large-scale steel,shipbuilding,automative, metal processing industry,
    welding smoke,thermal spray industry and other special conditions,alternative NORDSON@, WAGNER@ and other products.
  • Oval Air Filter Cartridge
    Ultra-Web® is proprietary and made with an electrospinning process that produces a very fine, continuous,
    resilient fiber of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter to form a permanent web-like net. This nanofiber “web” with its
    very fine interfiber spaces is constructed onto tough spunbond substrate media, resulting in:
    • A more robust media that captures even submicron dust on the surface
    • Better pulse cleaning and lower pressure drop
    • Cleaner air, longer filter life, and greater cost savings
  • Cellulose Air Filter Cartridge
    Suitable for the filtration of fine dust type in gas turbines, compressors, shot blast, tobacco, pulverized coal ash and floating dust collection. Widest applications, dry and granular shaped particulate Metal working Shot Blasting Mining industry Chemical Gas turbine
  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Cartridge
    Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter cartridges are modern and reliable for air intake applications. They ensure high efficient filtration of dust and other contaminants even in the most polluted environments. Normally these are made of mixture of polyester & cellulose and Nanofiber media. These media have much better pleat ability & dimensional stability.
    Pleated filter media offer high filtration efficiency, very fine retention level, easy clean ability & aesthetically good product than other normal filter media.
  • Metal Top/Bottom Pleated Bag Filters
    Developed to replace traditional filter bags and cages, each pleated bag filter has a one-piece construction design which allows it to be used in new systems or as a simple retrofit in existing bag house equipment for improved system performance.

    Pleated bag filters offer more filtration media than traditional felt bags increasing the filtration surface area and thus the filtration capacity. With up to 2-3 times the filter life over traditional 16 oz. polyester felt bags, pleated bag filters provide almost twice as much filtration area in existing equipment due to increased media in the pleat pack design.

    This increased filter area causes the air-to-media ratio to decrease when the airflow stays the same, dramatically increasing filtration efficiency while operating at significantly lower differential pressures. Pleated bag filters are shorter than standard fabric bags which allows for larger drop out area and less opportunity for bag abrasion.
Our products include: Pleated Filter Cartridge Dust Collector System,Cellulose/Polyester+PTFE Air Filter Cartridge,Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Cartridge,Top/Bottom Pleated Bag Filters,Primary/HEPA/ULPA Panel Air Filter.




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