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How to choose a suitable filter cylinder your heart

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How to choose a suitable filter cylinder your heart

How to choose dust filter cylinder

With the increasingly serious environmental pollution and the continuous strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, in recent years, a variety of environmental protection products gradually appeared in people's, dust filter cylinder this is not previously recognized by people's products are used up. With such a large market, uneven product quality and diverse prices of filter cylinders, how should we choose the real one.

Domestic 240 grams polyester long fiber filter material is one of the most widely used filter material in the dust removal industry. Fixed between paper and paper used to bind to had better choose pure cotton material thickness of the thicker material, fixed belt adhesive glue can't use ordinary hot melt adhesive, or your filter cartridge will be like a balloon blown dust explosion ,in addition to know more about you attribute: ordinary dust, super fine dust, wet dust or flammable and explosive dust, we will according to the needs of dust properties to do different post-processing filter material, such as: metal aluminium coating antistatic filter material, chemical waterproof layer oil filter material, PTFE coated filter material, flame retardant filter material, etc., this is an important choice, otherwise it may bring you trouble or even accidents.

The second is the end cover and support network, the end cover should be selected 0.7-0.8 mm thick high quality plate production to increase the overall strength of the filter cylinder.Support network is not sloppy, the same should choose 0.8 mm thick diamond support network to ensure that the filter cylinder will not be sucked back when blowing.

Then the adhesive glue, dust removal filter cartridge adhesive glue must choose the high quality special bonding glue, and glue injection rate must be sufficient, it is different from the car's air filter element relative to the requirement of strength is not high, dust removal filter cartridge in the work will have 6 kg pressure pulse wave sootblower throughout in the cartridge, so bad adhesive glue or glue injection quantity is too little filter cylinder end cover is easy to fall off.

Finally is the sealing strip and packaging, sealing strip is also critical, bad sealing strip cartridge will cause and untight seal between flower board, causing dust directly without filtering cylinder miss dust filter cartridge is generally larger, cartridge cases unstable words will cause damage in transit through the above these, can let you have a basic knowledge of dust removal filter cartridge, when you are at the time of purchase, whether to choose which manufacturer, or choose the products, the high and low hope is the most meet your requirement that a dust removal filter cartridge.

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