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Maintenance method of dust filter cylinder

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Maintenance method of dust filter cylinder

Maintenance method of dust filter cylinder

The main requirements of dust filter cylinder is high filtering efficiency, low flow resistance and can be used continuously for a long time without maintenance. The following is the maintenance method of dry double-cylinder filter and wet filter:

1. Check and clean up the dirt on the centrifugal dust hood, brushed except deflector on the adhesion of dust, pour out of the dust of dust cup inside (container dust amount shall not exceed one-third of its volume) safety should be a joint rubber gasket sealing, can not have leakage phenomenon, otherwise airflow short circuit, reduce the rotation speed of the air, reduce dust removal effect is greatly.

2. Dust hood deflector should maintain the shape of a right, if you have any knock against should timely plastic, lest make airflow changes the original design of the flow and reduce the filtration effect.

3. Some drivers add fuel to the dust collecting cup (or dust collecting tray), which is also not allowed, because oil is easy to splash to the dust discharge port, flow guide plate and other parts, making this part adsorb dust, which will eventually reduce the ability of filtration and separation.

4. Regularly clean the oil pan and change the oil oil change should make the oil viscosity is appropriate, the viscosity is too large, easy to block the filter of the secondary filter device, increase the intake resistance.

5. The oil level in the oil tank should be appropriate. The oil should be added to the oil pan between the upper and lower lines or at the arrow mark.High oil level, too much oil, easy to be inhaled into the cylinder combustion, and can lead to accidents.


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